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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 26, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. we begin with a strong smell which leads police to a garage with three badly decomposed bodies were found. this morning, we hear exclusively from funeral home now being questioned about the grissly discovery. >> and a bar brawl ends with shot fired inside. port richmond, coming up. >> remember the man who scaled the white house wall in the spring, shot and killed by deputies after violent attack yesterday. hear how witnesses describe the chaos in the courthouse. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, august 26th, 2015. my family also known as asia and brooks' birthday. >> today? >> today. >> they were here in the studio what a month ago, delightful neices that you have. >> now they're middle schoolers, and they are 11 years old. >> and they are smart. >> where is the time gone?
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>> well, let's seep, it is 4:00 # one, right now, that's all i know about the time. dave warren, in for sue serio today. welcome to you, sir. >> yes, glad to be here. and we have a great stretch of weather coming here. humidity is down. rain's all gone. cleared out. look for mostly sunny day today. once the sun comes up it, will kick the temperatures up quite a bit. we are off to little cool start here, allentown down to 58 degrees, philadelphia, right at 70, so little warmer in the city, cooler in the surrounding suburbs, where you are waking up this morning, a lot of 50's in the north and western suburbs, pottstown up to 62, west chester, is at 66. it is down to 64 in millville, woodbine, new jersey, at 60, atlantic city at the airport there at 62. there is a 07 right along the coast there at long neck. last few days of the pool here so take advantage, today, bright sunshine, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, you will need it all today. into the 60s now, but heading for the 80s later today. no question today, is a perfect ten, it is clear,
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nice, 70, center city, 62 at the shore, watch for some rip currents specially southern new jersey, at 62 right now. fifty-two, just cool start there in the poconos. so, scale today, weather by the numbers, a ten, we keep it therefore the next few days, but changes coming in this weekend, a look at all with the seven day forecast coming up. right now we can check the roadways, see if they are a perfect ten this morning. we go to bob kelly. >> 4:02, this wednesday hump day. actually picking up the cones up here, this is live look at the vine st. expressway, center city, philly where you come off of the schuylkill, coming into downtown, everybody pushed over to two left lanes, a loft other construction out there, coming off of the schuylkill. again, just watch yourself coming in toward downtown. accident along route 130, accident investigation, actually, occurred last night, still with us this morning, northbound lanes of route 130, shutdown at beverly road, which is right before you get to the exit or i should say
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that intersection to make your way up and over the burlington bristol bridge. water main break along business route 30, which is known as lancaster avenue here through downingtown. right near beech street. so leaving downtown, or at leagues if you are going through downingtown, trying to get over toward malvern, or king of prussia, you want to use the 30 bypass, and speaking of king of prussia, we will have more information on this situation here. a fire along bill smith boulevard, located in the abrams run apartment complex, which is just off of the 202, schuylkill expressway interchange, right across the street from home depo, just to kind of gave you a idea where it is, in that whole complex there, in relation to the king of prussia mall. there is construction west on the schuylkill, right near montgomery drive. there is also a work crew south on 95, right near woodhaven and street road. and the following four septa trolley route continue to use shuttle buses, along a portion of the lines all due to track
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work. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. breaking news bob just mentioned, fire crews battling apartment a fire in the king of prussia area. >> jennifer joyce on scene right now with the latest. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, firefighters remain out here, pretty strong fire presence, but we are told that they do have it fire under control, placed under control around 2:30 this morning, the fire, two alarm fire, yielded strong presence here, more than hour later, it continues to burn, as you can see the flames, fire broke out just before 1:30 here at the abrams run apartment complex, according to officials, there were no reported injuries. we just talked with tenant, who lives in a different building, he heard what happened overnight. he is hearing that witnesses are saying that they heard some sort of pop, he came out here, he started shooting, some video on his tablet. he said he watched the flames end gulf the building up through the rafters, building has 16 units, so again,
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firefighters tell us it is under control. we're still continuing to watch some of the flames here in the front of the building. this is building 300, again, in this abram run community, lauren, chris. >> real quick, jennifer, if you don't mind. it looks like the fire fight remembers kind of calm at the scene. but looks like it is burning very much out of control there from the shot we have live. >> reporter: we don't have this confirmed, we are hearing reports of a controlled burn at this point, maybe burning off some gas. we are wait to go talk to fire officials at this point. >> okay, don't see that very often, control burn with a structure. meantime, 4:05, man opens fire inside a building, critically injuring another man. >> steve keeley outside live where the shooting happened in port richmond. good morning, steve. >> reporter: where we are is a very crowded place. come back to me for a second. you can see 95 right there. this is prominent entrance ramp and exit ramp here.
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then you see this all night sunoco, busy wawa right next to it, so this place, just four doors down here. so, very prominent location. and that's why they had a lot of witnesses both in the bar and hearing these shot around here, right around midnight. and what happened was there was a shooting right outside the bar. as we run our video, with our close-up video, you see the bullet holes through the front of the bar, looks like just corner house here. what happened was somebody's in that bar. there is five patrons, plus the shooter. they get into a fight in the bar. and a guy obviously who is just 23, fight wag 41 year old, probably losing the fight, verbally, or maybe physically, and then he finds his gun and he figures that's how i'm going to win the fight. he start shooting this guy outside here on the street, the guy runs back in the bar, the people in the bar see all of this, and they see the shooter run away, down salmon street, which is a side street here, and get into a green toyota, and they all call 911,
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and here's where scott smalls picks up the story. >> both of the individuals walked outside of the bar and were involved in a altercation, and that's when our shooter fired shots at the victim. striking him three times in his torso. while being shot at, the victim ran back inside of the bar, in order to get away. the shooter continued firing and fired at least two shots through the front glass door of the bar. >> so, all of these people in the bar bravely look out, follow the guy, as he runs away, even though he's got his gun. they see him get into this green toyota. they get close enough to the green toyota, even though this guy is armed, just shot somebody, to get his license plate. so, they call the police. the police have the license plate. they run it it, comes to up address in northeast philadelphia, and the police go to that address, they find
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this 23 year old in the house, they arrest him, they bring him back here, where he is positively identified by all five people at the bar, who saw the fight inside the bar, then the shooting outside on the sidewalk, then see the shooter run down salmon street, get into his green car, where police right now have it surrounded up in northeast philly waiting for a search warrant to look at the car and look in the house and obviously what they want to look for is the gun that he used. chris, lauren? >> absolutely, that will help the investigation for sure, steve, thank you. >> police say coatesville man is dead after he slashed a sheriff deputy at the chester county courthouse. >> this same guy also part of the story that made international headlines back in march. police say 34 year old curtis smith rushed to the deputy and slashed him with a knife in his arm and hand. another deputy opened fire killing smith. chester county d.a. says he is the same guy charged for scaling a wall at the white house this past spring. witnesses inside the courthouse describe the terrifying moments that sent him running for cover. >> just this guy popped
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through, run through the door, and says i'm going to get you, i'm going to get you. >> heard like four gunshot. we ran out. we came out. we look down, i could see like blood on the floor, a lady curled up in the corner, bloodied. >> police say the deposition dispute that i smith slashed is expected to be okay. back in march, the secret service arrested smith for his stunt there at the white house. >> the son of funeral homeowner speaks exclusively to fox 29 after three decomposing bodies are found in a north philly garage owned by his family, neighbors called police after noticing a foul odor coming from this garage near the 2600 block of haggard street tuesday morning. the garage belongs to janet powell dale how also owns the funeral home around the corner. her son says the bodies were only in the garage for a temporary time. >> the bod wrist only therefore a temporary time. we took them to the other facility, the garage, which is owned by the funeral home. i own the garage too. we took them there.
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at 9:00 arrange philadelphia get pick up and taken to the cream torrey. >> sources say the state pulled the finance home license, but the family donuts that happening, bodies moved to another funeral home while police investigate. >> 4:10 the time. kathleen kane says her office is waiting on more guidance from the state supreme court about what can be released in connection to the porn gate e-mail scandal that's been brewing and brewing. >> yes, kane is challenging opening records request by the philadelphia inquirer. she says she hopes the state supreme court will decide before a september hearing, what can be released. the emails were exchanged between current and former staffers, and other state officials. kane's offers says it worries releasing some of the material could be perceived as retaliating against current or former employees who are witnesses against her. kane is facing criminal charges, she leaked confidential grand jury information in another case. and then lied about it under oath. >> parent in chester upland school district are outraged over messy budget battle that could possibly push back the start of the school year for
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their kids. parents, teachers, showed up for district meeting last night to discuss all the budget cuts being proposed. now, at the heart of the crisis, funding for special ed student in district charter schools. those schools are receiving $40,000 per special ed student. 40,000 bucks per kid. compared to the $10,000 regular school district receive. the district asked the judge to reconsider how the district dolls out all of the money, last night that request was denied. >> schools have their right to exist. but do not have a right to take away all of the children so that they -- >> looks like a big mess. >> frustrating? >> it is. because our children's future is in play here. >> school by the way is slated to start on september 2nd. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf released a statement after the judge's ruling it, red in part, judge kenny's decision to eject necessary reforms to the special education rates paid by the school district to it charter
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schools will unfortunately allow a decades old problem to persist. and the district's massive budget deficit will only worsen. >> gunmen in the foiled paris track attack. you have to hear his defense why he was armed that day. plus: >> excuse me, sit down, you weren't called. sit down. sit down. >> campaign trail, yes, donald trump goes at it again with another high profile news anchor. oh, ya, you have to hear what he does after this exchange. straight ahead. for life...
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>> ♪ >> i love to call with the police. >> just keep it up. you know how i inform you as he since, you teach me some things. >> yes, amy somers, the guitar, then went off and did this jazz thing later. >> solo. >> going back to like 19, what, 198 a? i think sting's first solo albumn? you what dow there is dave war never you were around? >> i was around in 85. >> you know, also around in 1984. guess who is in town tomorrow night?
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>> in 1984? >> oh, van hail never. >> yes. >> thank you, their last studio albumn with david lee rot. >> i'll miss t but my friends will tell me all about it, i'm sure. >> tell you about the weather right now. the headlines, nice and clear this morning. light breeze, beautiful shot. flag fluttering there, the light northwest wind. brought in some dry air. that's lowered our humidity a bit. yes, the nice weather pattern coming in, latest, still a tropical storm, slowly tracking through the caribbean. ultimate doppler clear now, rain just off the coast. look at these temperatures in the suburbs in the 50's, little cool this morning stepping outside in allentown, but quick warm up into the 70s there around philadelphia. so, that ten, 12 degrees difference, you get that with a clear sky, dry air, just light breeze. now, we will see quick warm up today. so even if it is cool in the suburbs, quickly up into the 70s by about 11:00. closing in on 80 degrees, in philadelphia, we climb briefly
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above 80 degrees, i think it will be a little warmer than 80, the computer forecast, because it is so dry out there. we have the bright sunshine, maybe up to 82, 83 degrees, nice comfortable day, little cooler in these north and western suburbs, into the upper 70s, little cooler right along the coast there, 72 atlantic city and 73 in ocean city, now, it is clear, bright sunshine, few clouds popping up, especially in the north and western suburbs, we'll see that today, and again tomorrow, it is clear in the morning, but with that sunshine, just clouds popping up. see the clouds moving here, with this forecast, that is the dry northwest wind. keeping the humidity down, just keeping it nice and comfortable, clears up by friday, really not much after change, until we get to this weekend, temperatures may be few degrees warmer each day up to 83 degrees today, still fairly warm, quickly dropping into the upper 60s tonight, 10 degrees cooler in the suburbs it, warms up about an agree or two tomorrow. up to 84 degrees friday.
4:18 am
maybe few clouds in the afternoon, all ten here the next few days, things change this weekend, saturday, mix of sun, clouds, 83 degrees. maybe few showers, some moisture tries to work its way back in this weekend, so, sunday could see a shower or thunderstorm, then the heat comes back, next week, monday, tuesday, getting closer to 90 degrees. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning 4:18, this wednesday morning, still have construction here, live look, penndot cameras in conshohocken, the ramps to and from the blue route, and 476, madsonford road where they come together there. traffic getting through, watch it, only one lane on the ramps out there. good morning to bellmawr, new jersey. curbside on the 42 freeway, no problems at all as you work your way in toward philadelphia. again, the 295 work crews are still out there. they are in the backgrounds there at creek road. here are some of the closure points, had accident last night, investigation still with us, northbound lanes of
4:19 am
route 130 closed at beverly road, that's right before you get to 413 and the ramp for the burlington bristol bridge a water main break closing business route 30 right now, locally that's lancaster avenue here in downingtown, so you want to use the bypass if you are trying to get your way in toward he can ton, king of prussia, and the malvern area. and then, updating breaking news, as we heard from jenny, live up here in king of prussia, bill smith boulevard, which is the abrams run apartment complex, still an active fire scene. the only good thing here is that it is off the beaten path. unless you are actually going into the apartment complex, there is no other road closures impacting traffic here in king of prussia. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. fireworks in the campaign trail, donald trump gets into another battle with a news anchor, this time, it is uni vision's jorge hammell. >> trump through the anchor out of the press conference after ramos asked about, what else, immigration.
4:20 am
meanwhile, his fight with fox news' megan kelly also not over. jacky ibanez gives us the latest dust-up. >> republican presidential candidate, donald trump, continues to cause controversy while on the campaign trail. this, as an anchor from hispanic tv network is thrown out after news conference, the that trump was holding in iowa tuesday. >> okay, who is next? please? excuse me, sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. go ahead. >> i have the right -- >> no, you don't, you haven't been called. >> i have the right -- >> go back to uni vision. >> shortly after that confrontation, the anchor, jorge ramos, was readmitted and got into an argument with trump about his immigration proposals as well as his popularity among hispanics. >> i think so, because i am going to bring jobs back. >> i don't think i will. i haven't even started.
4:21 am
>> during the event, trump also addressed his ongoing feud with fox news anchor megan kelly saying he won't back down foreign silt he directed toward her on twitter posting, quote, i like the kelly file much better without megan kelly. perhaps she could take another 11 day unscheduled vacation. >> it is a very small element in my life, megan kelly. i don't care about megan kelly. but no i would not apologize. she should probably apologize to me, but i just don't care. >> roger ails releasing a statement tuesday, calling on trump to apologize, saying, quote, donald trump surprised an unprovoked attack on megan kelly during her show last night is as unacceptable as it is disturbing. in new york, jacky ibanez, forks news. >> so the drama continues. >> all right, switching gears, learning more information about the accused gunman in that french train attack. authorities now say the suspect watched a radical islamic video on his phone right before the foiled attack. yesterday, a french prosecutor formally opened a terror
4:22 am
investigation into exactly what happened. investigators say, boarded that train friday with a automatic rifle, pistol, and box cutter. but three americans and one brit i can tackled him. he claims he was only planning to rob the train and that he had no terrorism plans, he said he found the weapons in a bag, the previous day. 4:22. this man owns a local roller skating rink. a spot geared toward children. but, you have to hear what police say he did inside that landed him in cuffs. >> plus, baseball great and former phillie curt schilling, suspended from his position at espn. you have to see his unbelievable tweet that got him in so much trouble. but first, here's look at your winning lottery numbers.
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>> phillies kept the game close in old-fashioned anger from the phillies dugout. they're trailing six-five in the seventh. quick pitch by hanson, now, that's the second night in a row that happened. jeff francoeur said something, but larry bowa said no, no, no, i'll take care of this. larry bowa comes out. he gets ejected. he argues with the umpire. later he argued with daniel murphy. phillies lose it six-56789 eagles will be facing a better quarterback in this saturday's pre-season game at greenbay. nice test for the eagles
4:26 am
playing against aaron rogers where the starters will be playing likely a half. >> we're looking forward to competing. that's what we want to do. that's what we fight all week for. so the game is fun to us. so we get the opportunity to go against high powered offense, throws it around, grinding during the week, look forward to having fun on saturday. >> i just check, larry bowa is till hot. hours later. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> big daddy graham will be here about 5:45 to talk about boa and other stuff going on. first, we will talk about former phillie. mr. curt schilling, oh, ya, he won't be involved with espn coverage of the little league world series this week. >> all because of very controversial tweet. careful what you post on social media. the pitcher re tweeted a picture of hitler, and a mean captioned mentioning muslims and nazis. said only five to 10 percent of muslims are extremists and 1940 only 7% of nazis were germans. how did that go?
4:27 am
schilling then tweeted his own words, quote, the meat is staggering when you get to real numbers. he issued this apology in it place he said he under stands and accepts his suspensions from espn. the company hasn't said if he will be suspended past the network coverage of the little league world series. >> unbelievable, so good on the field. so bad with his tweets, right? >> yes. >> he was fill fry what 92 to 2,000. witched in two world series, too. >> robber takes aoun even approaching to armed robbery. do you have hear what police say he used as his weapon to pull off his heist. >> roller rink in south jersey in the news this morning. man working there was doing more than handing out skate to young kids. and parent are react to go his scandelous actions.
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>> nearly two dozen people out of their homes this morning after fire forces them out of their amounts. jennifer joyce live on the scene. >> plus, south jersey skate ring owners in trouble this morning. what police say he did to a child there. >> a federal appeals court panel in philadelphia is upheld a federal ban on sport betting. but, we will tell you why their might still be some hope for supporters in jersey who want to make it legal. it is league al -- legal in delaware, make it legal
4:31 am
everywhere. that's what they are saying. it is wednesday, august 26. weight ' get to weather in just a minute, it is a ten, speaking of ten's, when lauren dawn johnson walked through the news room this morning. >> what a transition. >> (bell ringing). >> well, yes, there was that. but everyone is, dang, now you have been working out with a trainer. >> yes. >> you are in pain but it is paying off? >> i'm in pain. one of my friends told me, i won't tell the difference, i can't see anything different. >> who is that friend? i would go to facebook and un friend. >> de-friend, right? >> let's get to the ten, you have string every them. >> she keeps working out we have to make that scale go to up a 11. >> oh,. >> spinal tap. you guys remember that. special. up to 11. >> little extra kick. >> she's not even paying attention. >> we're such geeks. >> seventy right now, 07 degrees, north-northwest wind 8 miles an hour, sunrise, look hot late it gets here, 6:23. daylight hours getting shorter
4:32 am
and short. we will take all of the sunshine today. rain's gone, that's going to warm our temperature up today. sixty-two to 67, buddy by the pool, take advantage of it, a loft pools beginning to close down, getting close to labor day. you need the sunscreen, the hats, the sunglasses, eagles had today. plenty of sunshine. there is the ten today. keep the stretch of nice weather going. seventy in philadelphia, 62 pottstown, allentown down to 58. there is the big temperature difference between the city and the suburbs this morning. clear sky, just light breeze, leads to the big temperature difference with the sunshine, we will quickly warm up today, 83 degrees, quick warm up right after the sun come up. so be ready for. that will might be little chill in the suburbs, but quick warm up to about 80 by noon today, around philadelphia. bob kelly's in this morning with a look at the traffic. >> good morning, i do like how lauren used her bee dads letter yesterday, the top portion that far dress, we'll show you that in a second. 4:32, live look, northeast
4:33 am
philadelphia, woodhaven road, crews still working here, in the background. as you work your way over toward i-95 and the ramp, another five, ten minute, should be good to go there. no problems up and over the ben franklin. into the neighborhoods, we had accident with an investigation still with us here, as we start our morning. northbound lane of route 130, closed, at beverly road. so, as you work your way up toward that burlington bristol bridge, be ready for detour. business route 30, lancaster avenue, right in the heart of downingtown, blocked, with a water main break, again, this from the overnight. soap, as you work your way through downingtown, stay with the 30 bypass, and our top story, we go live out to jen any just a moment, bill smith boulevard, and the ache rams run apartment complex -- abrams run apartment complex just off of the 202-schuylkill expressway interchange here, right across the street from home depo, the only good news here is that it is not
4:34 am
impacting traffic unless you need to go into that apartment complex. gulph road, bill smith boulevard, schuylkill, 202, all open, that's a good start for the morning as far as traffic wise goes. the west trenton regional rail line using shuttle buses again this morning, between wood born and the west trenton station. chris, lauren, back to you. >> 4:34, we have to get to the breaking news, fire crews battling apartment fire. this is king of prussia. >> that is where our jenny joyce is live right now with more on exactly what's happening. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, chris. this fire was placed under control around 2:30 this morning, i just talked to the fire chief of king of prussia. and he explained to me, chris, he answered your question, that what's burning now is gas. peak is here. they have to dig a trench to get to the gas loin to turn it off. it has been a pro he is, that's why the fire is still burning, see the firefighters standing around just monitoring the flames. fire broke out just before 1:30, in building 300 of the abrams run apartment complex. it is believed it started in a
4:35 am
second floor unit. we talked to a man who lives on the first floor. he was awoke end by loud pops of burning materials, and he jumped into action. >> found small explosion, and just zaun the window outside my window light was lit up, so i felt the heat through the window and went outside and, you know, and i grabbed a fire extinguisher from my kitchen, and tried to put it out. it was just too strong. i gave up. and just moved my car and stayed out, where the air-conditioning unit; at least that's what it look like, and it just spread right up the vinyl siding. shot straight up. then basically all of the second floor unit caught real quick, and just spread throughout to the other side of the building. >> and the fire chief did confirm that it spread extremely fast, in addition to
4:36 am
dealing with this gas line, the king of prussia fire chief tells me, that there was also a water main break, in the midst of everything, fortunately it, did not affect the water source to the hoses. sixteen unit, total of 30 people affected by this fire. they now need to find housing, and we are told that the red cross will be assisting thee people along with the management company, involved here, with this complex. lauren, chris? >> what a mess this early hour. thanks so much, jenny joyce. >> to mess of different casino. 4:36, owner of south jersey roller skating rink is facing child sex charges. >> investigators say 46 year old john carlos showed pornography to a child, un the age of 13, on a computer inside the franklin skating center in franklinville. they say he also secretly videotaped the girl's intimate parts, while they were exposed. it happened in carlo's offers at the ring. girl did not know she was being videotaped. the incidents date back to november of last year. most recent happened just last month. some parent were shocked to hear the allegations against
4:37 am
him. >> we did a birthday party for her one year at the skating rink. so i had to deal with him to, you know, to plan the birthday party. i wasn't very surprised. there is a lot that goes on at the skating rink with different partying with the young kids, and pretty discusting. >> wow. carlo turned himself in on monday. he is being held on $200,000 bond. >> you don't have to be a parent to be discussed by those allegations. bryn mawr boy heart broken after he wakes to up a nightmare. what thieves got a which with while he was sleeping. >> plus, accused of bursting into a pizza shop looking for cash. what police say he used as a weapon, they've never seen. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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new jersey has struck out again, in its effort to legally offer sport betting, federal appeals court panel has upheld the federal ban on sports betting, all but four states, but the rolling leaves the door open for new jersey to further appeals court. new jersey has been trying since 2009 to offer legal sport betting, at its casinos and racetracks, to help both struggling industries. at issue in the appeal, whether a 2014 new jersey law repealing prohibitions against sport gambling violate a 1992 federal law, which says state cannot sponsor, operate, ties, promote, license, or authorize sports betting. 4:40 the time. a lot of fighting and the budget battle no where near
4:41 am
over. in fact, in harrisburg, state house members spent several hours debating and rejecting a series of republican proposals to restore spending. you will remember, governor wolf vetoed the gop entire spending plan earlier this summer. democrats around the procedure violated the state constitution, but majority republicans claim there was legal authority to restore spending, by individual lines. so, long and short of it is still no deal and still a stalemate. >> an unusual burglary in delaware county, and it is one that's left teenager and his family heart broken. >> so this boy says thieves snuck into the backyard of their home in bryn mawr, two weeks ago, and they made off with all seven of these guys. their five week old domesticated duckling. the 13 year old who takes care of them said he put them in their pen for the night. when he woke up, they were gone, he says there is was no accident. >> they were just gone. no carnage, i mean, a preditor, if a preditor came by, would you see some casino of feathers or something like
4:42 am
that. and i pretty much have been looking all over for them and haven't found them. >> so evidently the only store in pennsylvania that sells them, sells their eggs, and can't survive on their em. he is homing someone will come forward with information so they can come home and he can care for them properly. sad, right? >> university of virginia fraternity is facing the consequences after putting up these banners that caught national headlines. we'll tell you hoe they are being punished for what is being called extremely distasteful in the form after joke. >> man nicknamed the panty bandit, also gets away, we'll take you to the mall shopping lot for the take down.
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>> brook on the left, asia on the right. my twin neices turn 11 years old today. >> awe. >> they just started middle school. so they think they're cool now. preteens. >> so, remember home alone with mccauley culkin like this? how old is he, do you think, when he made that movie home alone? >> probably their age, ten. >> would you believe he's 34 years old today. >> what? >> how time flies. >> that was such a good movie, too. >> yes, happy birthday, asia
4:46 am
and brook, nice kids. dave warren, great weather, too? >> great beautiful weather here, no matter what you are celebrating today. this will be the first day of many here with us, low humidity, and this is the first headline, nice pattern, call it weather pattern here it, will last for a few days, in the just one little thing happening today. latest on erika, continuing to watch the tropical storm as it tracks through the caribbean. rain on the coast, moving away, dry today. what that means basically is the temperatures will quickly warm up, as soon as the sun comes up, which is about 6:23 this morning. it is 58, in the suburbs, 70 in the city. big temperature difference between the city and the suburbs. you get that when it is dry, clear, and just a light breeze out there. we will see that again here over the neck few night. seventy down to 64 in mill individual, low to mid 60s along the coast. quickly warming up, into the upper 70s, closer to 80 by about noon. we are climbing above 80 barely, maybe up to 83, so dry, sometimes these computer forecasts keep the numbers
4:47 am
down just little bit with bright sunshine, dry ground, because we did not get much rain, unfortunately, last few days, still fairly dry out there. that temperature will quickly warm up. into the 70s, in the northern suburbs, there is the 80 in philadelphia. maybe up to about 83, with bright sunshine, just light breeze. little cooler along the coast there, that west wind, will keep the temperatures down just a bit here today. so, what to expect. well, dry until the weekend. we have that rain trying to move in over the weekend. few showers, maybe late saturday, or early sunday, watching erika, here it is, the latest, tropical storm, wind 40 miles an hour, the next five days, continues as a tropical storm. but actually forecast to intensify bit to a minimal hurricane. and this will be working its way toward florida, trying to turn to the north. this is over the next five days. later this weekend, so we will still be watching this. here, even though dealing with dry weather. this will be a concern as we watch it, through the
4:48 am
caribbean, moderate rest many for -- risk for rip current. uv index very high, grab the sunscreen before you head out there. eighty-three, 85, 84, bright sunshine, each day, lows into the mid 60s, quickly warming up. now, there are the clouds increasing saturday, maybe few showers sunday, one day where we could see some rain would be late this weekend. we see things trying to warm up here on monday, and tuesday, we're into the mid 80s, try to get closer to 90. we could hit 09 there. we warm up just a bit, in n day, tuesday, until then, nice and comfortable, bob kelly. >> sounds good. 4:48. good morning, off to pretty good start. all of the overnight construction crews, in the process of picking up the cones, throwing them in the back of the truck, if they already haven't done so. looking good here 422 at the moment, as we go outside live look at 422 right near the trooper road interchange, they pick up the cones. so, both lanes are open in both directions, however, after the rush hour, they are
4:49 am
coming back. going to go down to one lane east on 422 at the trooper road interchange, so if you get late start today, heading into king of prussia, could take you little longer. outside we go to northeast philly, i95, not bad at all working your way from cottman avenue in through girard. into the neighborhoods now, overnight water main break, business route 30, which in the area here is known as lancaster avenue. right rolling through downtown, you want to use the route 30 bypass, this morning, if you are going to be head in the toward king of prussia or malvern. over in burlington, new jersey, serious accident that happened overnight, along route 130 northbound, at beverly road. that's right there, where stewart's root beer comes into play to a locator there. just block before you get to 413. and access to the burlington bristol bridge, so all northbound lanes are closed at the moment, as police investigate the accident. of course we have our fire location, abrams run apartment, which is along bill smith boulevard, gulph road is open.
4:50 am
that's the main drag that takes you up into king of prussia. and as far as the regional rails go this morning, septa's making some adjustments to it west trenton line, having some problems with the signals, so they will be using shuttle buses between wood born and the west trenton station, again, today, all day, both rush hours. chris, lauren, back to you. >> role quick on facebook, your wife posted the most adorable picture of all time. you got a new dog, boxer? >> scared me for a second. yes. >> we'll get to -- you have to tweet that out. >> okay. >> we have to get to this. later, the student who blew the whistle on penn state fraternity, taken spec sean that far frat house. james told investigators that he was brutally hazed at the cap a delta rowhouse in state college. >> also helped expose private facebook page, filled with nude pictures, his lawyer says he went to police when he feared someone would die, the university has suspended the fraternity for three years, and the fraternity's national office expelled 38 members. let's stick with fraternities, one at the university in virginia, temporarily
4:51 am
suspended all because of ban terse hung up from the frat house. >> wait until you see these. a lot of people not happy about them. pictures of those banners are lighting up social media. so, the frat brothers at sigma nu and old dominion university in virginia hung these banners outside their house during welcome week, rowdy and fun, hope your girl is ready for a good time. freshman daughter drop off. go ahead and drop off mom too. really? the fraternity national chapter calls the banners demeaning and reprehensible. others say the joke is being blown out of proportion. >> just joking, just welcome back to college, like prank. i don't think that they meant anything serious by it. >> disgust. really, the original statement perhaps it sicken me. that was the only word that could really describe how i felt about that.
4:52 am
>> well, frat turn at this' national organization says all activities at its old dominion chapter would be suspended until the investigation wraps up. also said any members responsible for those banners would be held accountable. >> i think it was innocent, though. >> you do? >> college kids. >> give me a break. i totally disagree. >> you don't know how many bad decisions you made in college? >> zero. >> oh, please. you know how many bad decisions you make here? >> oh,? >> listen to this story, ohio bandit behind bars after trying to give police the slip in detroit. >> you won't believe what's accused of stealing. we are talking about more than $1,000 worth of victoria secret underwear. detroit police say they caught 36 year old reginald murphy shoplifting loungerie. no relation. after realizing the cops were onto him, murphy ran out of the mall and tried to get out of the area with his car, and he didn't get very far, though, before officers caught up with him and put him in cuffs. investigators say the murph could be panel of the larger
4:53 am
crew swiping women's underwear in malls in that area. >> weird. >> watch the left of your screen. >> okay. >> that's the guy trying to out run police on a mini bike. right here. i'll show it to you. there. this get even more weird by the way. where he tried to hide with officers closing in. >> on a mini bible? >> yup.
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> police say robber walked in, holding propane tank, lighter, according to investigators respect dawson miles demanded cash or woe blow the place up. police say he got the cash, and left with a female accomplice, both arrested just short time later at pizza hut. >> michigan man facing charges watch leading police on not really high speed chase but chase. >> what was riding getting so much attention. look at this video, police dash cam video from oakland county. police say they spotted the fight riding really fast on mini bike on a sidewalk, all in front of yards going about 30 miles per hour. turns the bike, then rides through the front door after home. >> what? >> police couldn't believe what they were seeing. >> turns out rem tiff lived there, police arrested the 22 year old, for racing away from police, they say, his bike is unregistered. >> what did i toll you, when you're young and dumb. >> that guy definitely young and definitely dumb. >> flames force several people
4:57 am
out of the apartment overnight. crews remain on the scene in montgomery county. we have a live report coming up at 5:00. >> taking revenge guess her exboyfriend and his new love. she keyed their cars. what cops say she misspelled that's making her a viral sensation.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
j fire for the else, and jenny joyce with a live report. >> bar brawl ends with shots fired. more on the violence in port richmond coming up in a live report. >> governor chris christie calling out new jersey senator cory baxter take a stand, what he's saying he needs to do over a washington deal. christie says is just bad. >> bad. >> bad to the bone. >> you know who that is? >> that's george thorough good, the delaware destroyer out of delaware. >> let's go to mr. dave warren, because -- >> good. >> the only thing quai net this studio right now is his radar, right, dave? >> yes, absolutely. >> an i never know what i'm going get when you guys change the subject so rapidly. >> that's how we work. we all have adhd and too much coffee. >> i need some coffee actually. radar is clear. the quiet radar, rain's cleared out. the temperatures are down a bit. the suburbs, little cooler, though there is morning


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